A guide to using Jdownloader


This is the program I use to download multiple MU, RS, MF, etc etc etc links

Here is a short guide from the official forum:

[b:guneyt2i][color=red:guneyt2i]This tutorial is aimed at beginning users. As such, for the purposes of simplicity in the installation of jDownloader , this tutorial skips a lot of the available options and commands.[/color:guneyt2i][/b:guneyt2i]

[b:guneyt2i][color=blue:guneyt2i]Note 1 : Steps 1 to 7 are only required for initial install of jDownloader. Thereafter, you begin at step 8 when you start up jDownloader.[/color:guneyt2i][/b:guneyt2i]

[b:guneyt2i][color=green:guneyt2i]Note 2: JDownloader works with download links provided by over 400 link sites, which are similar to Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, and Imagevenue. Due to the constantly changing way these sites serve up their links, which ones are supported by the application can vary from day to day. e.g. sometimes Mediafire links work and other times they may not. Trying out a particular set of links is the only way to tell.[/color:guneyt2i][/b:guneyt2i]


  1. The first thing to do is to download “jDownloader”.


For Windows 2000 and later, JDownloader comes as an executable file with an installer. For Linux and OS-X, the formats are different.

If JDownloader comes as an executable or DMG file, just double click on it to perform the installation. For Linux, just unpack the file into a directory.

Windows users, please install into C:\jdownloader (or change the drive letter). You might need administrative privileges to install the program.

  1. Create a shortcut on your desktop, as shown below in Image A, so you can find the application easily in the future.

[b:guneyt2i]Image A[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. When you start it up, pick the language you want as shown in Item 1,image B.

  2. Next you will have to select the download directory. This is the directory where the files pointed to by the file sharing links will be saved, as jDownloader fetches them, and also where the contents of these archived files will be extracted to. So just select a directory on a drive with lots of free space, as shown in Item 2, Image B. Then click “Ok", Image B.

[b:guneyt2i]Image B[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. Next you will be asked if you want to integrate jDownloader with your browser. Just select “OK”.

[b:guneyt2i]Image C[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. You will now be asked if you want to install Click’n’Load. (Image D). Just select “OK”.

[b:guneyt2i]Image D[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. Sometimes there will be dialog boxes asking if you want to install updates (Image E), or saying that updates have been made (Image F). Just click “OK” for any of these dialog boxes which appear.

[b:guneyt2i]Image E[/b:guneyt2i]

[b:guneyt2i]Image F[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. The main jDownloader interface opens up. (Image G). If any update dialog boxes appear, similar to those shown in Image E, then just click “OK”.

[b:guneyt2i]Image G[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. Go to the web page containing the links you want to download, select them all and also select the password, then right-click and select “Copy” (See Image H). Note down any password, as you may need it in a later step, if jDownloader doesn’t automatically recognize it as the password.

[b:guneyt2i]Image H[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. The Link Grabber in JDownloader automatically picks up the links you copied, inserts them in a package (item 1, Image I) and checks the validity of the links. Valid links will show as “online” in the “Status” Column. (see Image I)

If the links don’t all show as online then don’t waste your time with that set of links, just right click on the link package, select “Delete” and go look for a valid set of links.

[b:guneyt2i]Image I[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. If the links don’t automatically get added to a package and instead look as in Image J, then just click Item 1 to create the package.

[b:guneyt2i]Image J[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. Now check that the archive password has been set by double clicking on the package name (Item 1, Image K). A dialog pane will appear at the bottom of the application. Item 2 (Image K), should have automatically received the password you copied in step 9. If the password is wrong or missing then just type it in. If you want to change location of archive download and extraction for this package, from the default location specified in step 4, then click the “Select” button and choose the new location (Item 3, Image K). Close the dialog pane by clicking item 4 (Image K).

[b:guneyt2i]Image K[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. Click on the “Continue with All” (or “Add All Packages”) button, to move the package to the download window and then jump directly to step 14.

[b:guneyt2i]Image L[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. This will add the link package, and all the links within, to the download queue (Image M). If the links are from a host you have not used before,then before the download starts you must accept their “Terms of Service”, so select items 1 and 2 in Image M. Now select item 3 (Image M) to show the contents of the link package and how the download of each link is progressing.

[b:guneyt2i]Image M[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. The first link will now have to wait for approx. 2 minutes before download begins. Each subsequent link download will require a 15 minute wait before download can commence. This is limitation of downloading rapidshare links, without paying for a Premium Account. The time will vary with other hosts. (Image N).

[b:guneyt2i]Image N[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. As the files associated with each link are downloaded you can see the progress for the group in the Download window of jDownloader. (Image O)

[b:guneyt2i]Image O[/b:guneyt2i]

  1. When all the links are downloaded the archived files will be automatically extracted to either the directory previously specified for the package (step 12), or the default directory given in step 4.[/center]

I guess this is the best thread to ask this question in but how do I get around Limit Reached (2)? Is this an error or is it simply telling me my download limit as been reached and I need to try later? If that is the case then its going to take forever to download all these Batsu games. :[

It’s a message regarding the normal download limit of say megaupload and such. To bypass that you can set up a proxy in the settings.

Any way you could link to a solid proxy that I could use? Everyone I’ve tried seems to get some sort of error.

Jdownloader is great!

can anyone post a mediafire link to jdownloader? cause whenever i try to download the setup it stops halfway