Absolutely Tasty ringtone

Hi guys,

Anyone know where the music in the Absolutely Tasty series is from? I mean the supermarket/50 cooking show muzak theme…

Gonna make it my ringtone…

Can you link the music? Then I can try to find out :)

Cool man! It really is a recurring theme in every Absolutely Tasty series


The song playing at around 2:10 in the vid

BUMP :devil:

edit : he actually means the background music we hear in all tasty series , kind of ice cream truck music.

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Does anybody know what the name of the song is that they play in the background??
Plz I really want to know!!
Thanks! :D

I really want to know too its so peaceful and makes me think of the good times ive spend watching gaki videos

If you ask for music, then i answer. I think is call "Aozora wa Bokura no Sekai". This is the link

[url:12s78ug2]http://www.mediafire.com/download/55i1sc883paoad4/15-Aozora_wa_Bokura_no_Sekai.mp3[/url:12s78ug2] :)


thanks so much arlekin ur the best!
been spending quite sometime on google trying to find out <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Wow that’s awesome thank you so much!
I asked for some song one day, got a few answers but it was not what I was looking for…
I really can’t wait for a soundtrack, I’m sure I’m not the only one, you’re not doing it for nothing believe me!

You are welcome my friend Johnhk. My pleasure :) But tell me what is your song my friend. Maybe i know

Is kind of diffiicult to be reply with the song you are looking for. Actually i did that too in this page, and nobody can answer me. So, that is why i’m making the soundtrack. I download a few Soundtracks and i convine them with many songs that i already have. I’m just waiting for making it more complete, and then i’ll upload to all Gaki songs fans :bow: