AHO AHO Brothers

In this AHO AHO man Ryuichi Sakamoto makes a guest appearence as AHO AHO mans brother.


Video has been removed.

Here is an Aho Aho compilation, at 1:32 there is also a short ahoaho brother scene

link is dead - I deleted it

Brother clip:

– also deleted by YT –

the last entrance he does on the AHO AHO compilation is classic!!!

Down again, anyone managed to download it?

edit: Actually, there are some versions still up on youtube, but they all seem to be the “download of the youtube flv”.

Subbed this one also. It’s not perfect but I did what i could.
Thanks to Shibatabread for the help on the doppelganger.


Thank you very much!! I like your subs on AHO AHO scenes.

wahh I can’t take it anymore- thanks so much for the subs Hidensetsu!

Transmitters? Rofl

Crap. Why do you only see some errors when you already finished, uploaded and posted it?

Thanks for the comments, glad you guys liked it. :D

edit: If any mod sees this thread, could you please change the name of the thread and add a (sub) or anything, please? I guess it’d help. :D

Nice work, keep it up and you won’t need any help at all and could go to bigger projects even.

many thanks H! many thanks!

Also, for some more info on the video, that song he plays is his most famous one, from the movie “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”.

It is an amazing song, one of my favorite. Easy to google, or if you’re up to some experimental video, you can hear it [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQMYRqHBbYc:20dnl6x9]here[/url:20dnl6x9].

Very cool!
Die both of you!!! ehehehe “aho aho nii-chan” are so baka!

thanks for sharing