Akan Keisatsu Tousou CHUU Parody video request


I am asking the kind people here if they have seen or know which episode is the Tousou Chuu parody of the ‘Run for Money Tousouchuu’ game show. I have been really into that show and saw on tvtroopes that Downtown decided to swap out the hunters for cross dressers and run around and have fun :lol: . I would love see for myself. If you have any idea please let me know. Thank You :bow:


Check all that links and enjoy!

Thank You soo much… I only have watched 1 episode so far. It is funnier than i imagined… the memeber from Pi-su looked absolutely frightened… and i haven’t even seen running backs in the nfl run and juke as hard as he did, and still get run down. :rofl: