animated movie by matsumoto?

I found it by accident.

Anyone knows? Is this made by Matsumoto?

Uploader: [quote:2fc8o7f8]Matsumoto Hitoshi’s parody of “Obake no Qtaro.” Hamada is a famous comedian that often does both manzai and skti comedy together with Matsumoto… [/quote:2fc8o7f8]


ive read that he wanted to be draw mangas in younger years… ithink that vid could be from him

I am 1000% sure this is made by Matsumoto. No one else would dare to make a cartoon were Hamada is covered in shit xD

I’m with you - and guess who is the handsome guy and who the ugly ;)

I agree with everyone else, it has to be Matsumotos! Whoever made it, it´s really funny!


HAHAH… so funny…

episode 1-6 are all posted in this thread

[url=]Kyoufu no Kyochan[/url:2r9dlsyo]


didnt expect that it would be a giant turd on hamada!


definitely its matsumoto’s!