Anime song in a Lincoln Episode! Downtown

I was watching this lincoln episode: [video:z45hrwlp][/video:z45hrwlp]
and around [b:z45hrwlp]1:08[/b:z45hrwlp] a music played, i heard this music in an anime openning but i cant remember what anime it was.
Does anyone recognize the song? OR remember the anime?

– 02.06.2012, 18:12 –

Lol never mind! found it!

Eureka 7!!!

What’s this anime about? Looks interesting…

so after 1 year i decided to come back to this thread and see if anyone can now answer my long wait question.
please if someone recognize this music, dont hesistate to give it a guess which anime it is from.
i first though its from yu yu hakushu but im still researching.[img:32q6m4ww][/img:32q6m4ww]

found it LOOOL sorry