Anyone identify this Japanese show

Can anyone identity what Japanese show this is from? It’s a clip from the UK show, Sushi TV and mentions it’s from “Live Live Downtown”, but I could find nothing related to that. All I would like is the original Japanese show and possibly the full episode to it.

Other clips from the show includes people trying to take off the glasses without their hands, people running into as many walls as possible and there’s even a clip from a dad running over his own son (with a 4x4).

So someone messaged me outside this forum saying this might be from Za Gaman (aka, Endurance). And I think it might be that.

Only show i could find aswell, but could not confirm at all. I could not find a clip with the same narrator in it.

I have other clips with the same narrator, but I can’t upload them in full due to copyright and features other shows like TV Champion and that Super Human challenge show.

The show has now been identified, however little footage of the show exists.

It’s called 生生生生ダウンタウン (Translates as Nama Nama Nama Nama Downtown). But I sure Nama doesn’t make any sense (must be a Japanese only word).

That show aired between 1992 and 1993 on TBS.

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How did you manage to identify it with so little info?

Somebody answered on a discord server after a lot of digging.