Anyone Seen This: Do not cry! Kids in haunted house

My wife swears she’s seen this Japanese TV show where they send kids into a haunted house and they see how far they can go without crying.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

DAammn, that sounds like a sick sick sick show!!! Why would you do something like that to a child X(

…I would love to watch it. Sounds really funny :D

I know only this - Kids vs Zombie

[b:31pkx0u5]YT – DELETED[/b:31pkx0u5]

:swear: :swear: :swear:

new link: ... bie-attack

I saw that a long time ago and it was pure gold!

Or Lizard vs. MoMus :devil:


[quote:3iuc44kt][i:3iuc44kt]Originally posted by alfred_49[/i:3iuc44kt]
I know only this - Kids vs Zombie




That was one video i will remember a long time :D

Haha! Scared kids are really funny.