avi files please

I dont really know .ass files and I dont like to play them because the process is complicated, can any of you guys upload links of the bastu games with subtitles please (in .avi format). avi files are much more simpler to play for me. i’ve seen a few in this site a couple months ago but I think it got deleted. Please post .avi files!!! Thanks!!!

you’re basically asking for hard-subs, right?

There’s only a few videos that are hard-subbed by a group (DTFS are one). Maybe someone who hard-subbed their batsu series can find some goodness in their hearts to upload around 10-15 GBs of batsu games.

But why not try to sift through the forums on how to get your soft-subs to work? It’s not too hard, and once you get the hang of it, you can do little edits of your own. It’s not like it’s Java or C++.

Also, you’ll see that most of the forum members here prefer soft-subs; it’s actually easier to manage, and it’s quicker than hard-subbing.

It’s not very complicated, just rename the .ass file to the same as your video file, then open the video file in VLC.

How is the process of opening .ass files with .avi files complicated? You do know that .ass isn’t the video file, don’t you? You need to integrate the .ass file to the .avi file and have both files in the same folder for it to work in a media player. All you have to do is rename the .ass file with the same name as the .avi and just play it.

As commenter above have said, play it with VLC. Or Media Player Classic. There is also the Codec Pack ([url=http://www.cccp-project.net/:3a70foct]here[/url:3a70foct]if you’re too lazy to search it)

Or better yet, why don’t you just use a video downloader add-on for your internet and download the batsu parts that’s already been merged with subs. Convert the .flv into whatever the hell kind of format you want and problem is solved.

If you want the entire batsus in hardsub in one sitting and not just into parts then I wish you luck with finding someone willing to convert huge-ass files for hours for you.

and on the other hand (aside from .ass files ACTUALLY being pretty darn easy to use.) you need to know that its an even more complicated/long/dedicated process to put hard subs to a file.

you would need to convert the .ass file in one program, then go into another program and re-render/compress the video (which in turn makes the quality of the video a little worse). and this process takes double, sometimes up to triple the amount of the video. (8 to 12 hours for one full batsu game). you’ll understand once you try hard-subbing yourself, it’s kind of a lot to ask for.

so now you understand why gaki fans arent doing much hard-subbing…