batsu game involving Dominoes

hey there, first post here and i was wondering if anyone could help,

a while ago floating through youtube i remember seeing a video that involved two guys in a small japan house, for a week they attempted to cover the whole floor in every room in Dominoes, i have faint feeling that one of the men was tanaka, as he had trouble sleeping in the closet,

anyway am i right in thinking thiss was gaki related and if so what show was it?

otherwise i may drive myself crazy trying to find it

thank you for your help and time

You’re right, those two were Tanaka and Endo.
Unfortunately it’s only available with a Thai dub, here is Part 1:

I don’t know which show this is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Gaki no Tsukai.
See also [url=]Cocorico Living with chickens for a week[/url:1k1ua07p] for something similar.

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