Batsu gemu scene questions

I can’t remember which one it was,but they all go into this little room & that one little cute woman who is always drunk starts hitting on Endo. She grabs on to Yamazaki or is it Matsumoto & he drags her out. They all run back. She gets them all laughing.

They’re all wearing white t-shirts. Is it Yugiwara? Or Hot springs? Got link to that scene? I saw it a while back,but haven’t seen it since.

Also,in the High school one,does anyone have a link to the scene when the 2 High school girls & the dude playing as a high school girl walk into the classroom & start talking about Matsumoto. That is so funny!

I can not find any of these scene! 助けてください。

It’s in High School Batsu Game, you can see that scene here:
And you can see Jun chan’s scene here:

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