Bit.Trip Series (WiiWare)

3 of my favorite WiiWare titles.


[quote:11pi2zge]Reminiscent of the classic video game Pong, Bit. Trip Beat involves players moving an onscreen paddle in order to bounce off waves of incoming blocks to the beat of the music. As the player progresses through the game, the patterns of blocks become increasingly complex, but players can judge how well they are doing through changes in the graphics and music. The game also features boss battles, and the game’s plot is revealed through background imagery.[/quote:11pi2zge]


[quote:11pi2zge]The second game in the series, Bit. Trip Core, continues the rhythm based gameplay of the series. The gameplay involves players taking control of a plus shape in the middle of the screen that can fire a laser beam in only four directions (up, down, left and right), with the objective being to destroy patterns of blocks that zoom across the screen. As with the first game, as the player progresses through the game the patterns of blocks become increasingly complex, with changes in the graphics and music occurring based on how well they play.[/quote:11pi2zge]


[quote:11pi2zge]As of the release of Core, Gaijin Games are approximately “a third of the way” through development of Bit. Trip Void. A trailer released on September 2, 2009 demonstrates the player controlling the ‘void’, a black, pixelated circle, around the screen with 8-directional control. The void grows with each black block it touches and must avoid increasingly-challenging waves of white blocks. Void features music by guest composer Nullsleep, and presumably many of the gameplay mechanics from the previous two titles.[/quote:11pi2zge]