Bluray Hitoshi Matsumoto VisualAlbum "Kansei"

I’m not sure what is it (documentary?, short movie?) but there is a bluray boxet directed by Matsumoto Hitoshi going to be released soon in japan. It say it have 5 bluray:

[quote:17d1ienn]Blu-ray of the film "HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM" directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto. Features three works "Vol. Ringo "Yakusoku"," "Vol. Banana "Yakusoku,"" "Vol. Budo "Anshin"," and their outtakes plus commentary by Matsumoto. Comes with two bonus disc featuring "Melon" making-of and "Sundome Kaikyo (subject to change)."[/quote:17d1ienn]

It’s apparently a compilation of his past works from 98/99.
There was a DVD version released in 2003.