Bob Sapp Shichihenge

Episode: Bob Sapp Shichihenge
Video Format: MP4
Subtitle Format: Hard Sub
Subbed by: Unknown

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I managed to find a link to the Bob Sapp Shichi Henge:


Thanks, I’ve been looking for this ever since it was taken off of youtube.

Hey no problem. I do remember reading some of the subtitles a while back and they we’re really funny. Have to find that video and post it!

This sucks…that link doesn’t go to Bob Sapp anymore. Don’t know why X(

Anybody knows from which episode this one is? We must have a higher quality of it x)

I don’t understand how they don’t laugh more at the English lesson. My sides are sore from laughing at that xD.

Heres the correct link for Bob Sapp.


The link will bring me to Chihara jr.

take this: [url=]Sapp[/url:2thq7aen]

edit: It’s a big mistery, after I posted that link, your link also jumps to Sapp after a few seconds :blink:

I found this with subs, though it’s not very good quality, sorry. ^^;


Yes, the quality is poor. :D

This is my alternate upload from the eliminated youtube version.

Thanks for uploading it, then, because I was really desperate to see this with subs. :)


ah come on, high quality? :(


Wait no one translated this…CAN I DO IT?