Bypass Veoh 5min prev system???

Hi…Is there any way for us to download the video without using the app that they provide??..The app s** for unstable internet line on my area :( :(

i heard that we can use URL downloader to get full video without using the Veoh app but im not sure about it since most of it only support Youtube URL…

Any info on it??..It will be a great help for me since Youtube is deleting old video and i cant find much Morning Musume video anymore :@ :@


I’ve had success running the app in the Veoh app in the background to satisfy their requirement that you be logged in to get the whole video. However, I never use the actual app to download any video. I go directly to the video to view it on Veoh and it doesn’t give me the preview version if their program is running at the time of viewing and I’m presumably logged-in.

As for the DL’ing of the video, you can save a .flv copy onto your computer using things like the DownloadHelper add-on in Firefox. There is a trick though to getting the whole video off Veoh. You need to start the video 1st and let it play for awhile, then start DownloadHelper and select the last listed .flv file, select download and direct it to save to your desktop or preferred download folder. It will appear that DownloadHelper is not downloading anything for quite awhile. This is normal because you are streaming the entire .flv down to your computer. DO NOT stop the video, close the window or browser until you see that DownloadHelper is actually downloading the video file. If you do any of that then you risk DL’ing only part of the video. I highly suggest letting it DL at least half or more of the video before closing the window where the video is playing. If you really want to be sure to get the whole video, you may as well let it play all the way through while DL’ing. Learn from my sorrow.

After the DL is complete, you can view the .flv in any compatible viewer. I prefer the freeware Moyea FLV Player Just be careful when installing it to avoid installing a toolbar or something you don’t want.

This method works with most streaming media from places like YouTube, Fazed, CollegeHumor, etc. You can get video and sometimes audio this way.

Just try to press play again and skip to the 5 min, it often let it go.
Bad thing - you cant skip to random place in video, if its long (like 30 minutes or more) it could be irritaiting.

Tq all for your hlp…Now i can download it without any prob ;) ;)

Does anyone know of any other methods?
I can get ziemek8’s method to work, and i’d really rather not install the veoh player.

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Hi, I am new to the board. Just wanted to say thanks for the tip about download manager. I was looking for a really long time for a way to bypass the player and it works. For anyone out there having problems with this method, there is a plug-in called download manager for firefox and the author is right, you have to let the video load but catch it in time before the download manager icon turns gray. In other words, the add-on recognizes any flash video loading on a site and when it recognizes is it, it starts to load the video but after a certain time it releases the video. The icon is usually gray (meaning it is not loading video) and when it is loading a video it goes from gray to colors and you have to watch how long until it turns back to gray. After a few attempts, I was able to determine the maximum amount of time the video could load before downloading. Also it only works if you select the option quick download or download and NOT convert. Then you let the rest of the video play and in firefox you are notified when the video is finished downloading. Another note: the fast forward is limited. It will go back to the beginning if you try to fast forward to quickly. But in VLC you can use the right arrow to go through the video but not too fast. Hope this helps. I am glad that I found this site. Thanks again.