Challenge: Baseball




[size=134:37lk8yi9][b:37lk8yi9]Download:[/b:37lk8yi9] in progress…[/size:37lk8yi9]

Hahah!! I coudn’t stop laughing at the end of part 2 when Matsumoto was spying on a couple having sex!

You forgot part 3!

Fortunately Endo is good in baseball…

oh my… i just have to pause the part 3 vid at 3:05… oh my, Endo’s baby face… :P :D

Nice find. Thanks for posting. This video has so many golden moments. Too many to count.

Awesome post!

yeah thank you very much

all links above are gone, so here is a new one for the first part:


[quote:2ozvokai][i:2ozvokai]Originally posted by alfred_49[/i:2ozvokai]
all links above are gone, so here is a new one for the first part:


That’s the risk I always talk about. You guys should try to upload the files to MU or Mediafire when you find them interesting… they’ll be safe that way ;)

Ah, geez, I didn’t know I was the one who created this thread. Currently upload the video for download and changing the top post right this moment.

Thank you… :inlove:

Do the kitties make you forgive? :holy:

[quote:296q039q][i:296q039q]Originally posted by iniquiti[/i:296q039q]
Do the kitties make you forgive? :holy:[/quote:296q039q]

Lol… My forgiveness have no limit :inlove:

:gh: (<- there wasn’t a single hug so this would be close to it, lol)

I’m currently doing that with the rest of the Challenge threads I’ve made. I hate youtube.

i watched the whole espiode through veoh. but on youtube part 3 is it same video from veoh video? because the part 3 isnt working. oh i wanna see masumoto was spying having sex lol

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


have megaupload link for this??

any other links? pandora doesnt work for me :yawn:

New link (no sub) : ... 2001.06.10