Chinese Zodiac, Need An Answer Before The 23rd....

Need This Answered ASAP (As Soon As Possible)…

Preferably, this will be answered by somebody who is Chinese, and knows their zodic extremely well:

I know my sign is dragon and my element is fire, but, how do I find out my secret & inner animal?

I was born at 1:40am EST (GMT-5) on Wednesday, August 11, 1976

So, the following is what I am trying to find:

There are also animal signs assigned by month (called inner animals), by day (called true animals) and hours (called secret animals).

Year of the Dragon

1:40 a.m. - The Hours of the Ox
You may tend to be a more cautious, slow-moving Dragon who likes to be sure of what you are doing before acting. Nonetheless, you are still fire-breathing Dragon and could employ the Buffalo’s heavy-handed tactics in dealing with those who dare cross you. The Ox’s restraint and reliability, however, may make you more patient and persevering. Dedicated, studious and spirited, you could carry the world on your shoulders if you devote yourself to something you ardently believe in.

(and an extra)
August 11 - Leo
The Leo Dragon = Fire + Positive Wood
This magnificent, breathtaking personality will loom over everyone, larger than life. He/She is truly convinced of his right to rule or at least dominate. The Leo Dragon is a commanding performer who will keep his guns loaded all the time. The lion provides the already bombastic Dragon with more dynamite that he/she can use, so this personality can be very willful and difficult to manage when others do not yield the right of way. However, he/she is immensely generous and never holds grudges. When he/she makes explosive statements, well it’s just his way of clearing the air. With a double regal sign, this person is blessed with good fortune. He/she will always strive to keep his promises and is noble and chivalrous to the less fortunate.

That’s from a book. The bottom is my insight.

I’m not [i:1xe49ctc] Chinese [/i:1xe49ctc] and your qualifications for who you want information from is really specific demanding and a tad insulting (actually really insulting) but that’s the life of a double fire sign (Leo/Fire Dragon). Even though the Dragons are naturally Wood signs, for the Fire Dragon he/she feeds on his own self rather than domineer others. As for the Ox hour, it just makes you doubly bombastic. Flashy, showy, bombastic, and demanding but it’s either good or bad depending how you look at it.

Although the Dragon [i:1xe49ctc] has [/i:1xe49ctc] to be the leader and in the spotlight, the Dragon deal with the trappings of said life style. The Dragon with this combination has a tough skin. And if, by some chance,The Dragon is hurt at all, he/she can dish out what he/she takes in. If nothing else, the Dragon will pick himself/herself from the ashes and comeback harder, more bombastic, more demanding as ever.

Can you do one for me, please? May 27th, 1975.