coco rico living with chickens

I found this on youtube, dont know if you guys are interested. Cocorico are living with chickens for one week. Its dubbed in thai language though (so I dont know what it says… any kind soul knows thai and wants to sub over it or translate for us? :stuck_out_tongue: )


I wanted to post this but decided against it because it was dubbed in thai (a bit uncomfortable to sink it at first). However, I found it in a thai vid-share site and not in youtube. Thanks for the YT link! :)

hee, youre welcome :) i’ll let you guys know if i come across the japanese one… doesnt seem like its online anywhere though :(

Yeah I tried looking around for the original japanese one too.

I reckon the Cocorico guys looking after chickens is very cute but the dubs sorta get in the way of enjoying the video since its not their real voices :S

Yes, it’s a pity, can’t find it also, I look for it every week.

Also there is a Cocorico-Vid out there, where the guys try to stand 50000 domino, but it’s also thai dubbed. So I don’t want post it here, its terrible to watch with this thai-dub.

I actually the one who posts those, and yes I’m Thai. Also, I don’t have the original ones with Japanese dub, and don’t have much time to sub them all. So enjoy and take them like they are.

Those are from Cocorico’s primetime show “Ikinari! Okon Densetsu”, where it was just moved to primetime a year ago. Cocorico took a lot of the show’s tasks up until around 2001 when started to give them to other comedians and celebrities.

I’ve been tried to find the original ones but I only found ones from 2003 or later. Those with Cocorico participations before 2001 are extremely, I mean EXTREMELY, rare, even ones in Thai dub.

Hope you understand.

Wow, the videos seem so rare then!

Thanks for the upload though :D At least we got a video of the Cocorico with the chickens rather then having none.

The only thing I can do right now is read the Japanese subs on the screen to know whats going on lol