Cocorico Duo

This is a video demonstrating the skits that Tanaka and Endou does as a duo (not as Gaki no Tsukai).

If I find anymore duo skits, I’ll post them here:


Note: audience is almost made up entirely of females :P

doumo arigato!

too bad i don’t understand japanese. but really thanks a lot.
I’d say Tanaka looks cute in his outfit. :)

looks like this was a major show featuring other comedy duos too.

thanks again for this vid!

Yup, from observing Tanaka (and the others) a lot – if you can tell how much I [i:3kywve60]adore [/i:3kywve60]Tanaka – he does have a tendency to dress up/ act in a dweeb-y way.

From what I understand, this is from a comedy festival.

You’re welcome ^^

ooohh, nice to watch cocorico on their own, for once xD

great find, iniquiti, arigato! :slight_smile:

No problem ^^

I’m still searching through to see if I can find any more of their works, mostly old ones.