Cocorico Miracle Type Drama Special: "These Types of Women w

[b:y2s7k4bz]Subbed by: Century Kings (video provided by massaru)[/b:y2s7k4bz]

[b:y2s7k4bz]Story 01: [i:y2s7k4bz]The Teaching Woman[/i:y2s7k4bz][/b:y2s7k4bz]

[b:y2s7k4bz]Story 02: [i:y2s7k4bz]The Woman That Got Plastic Surgery[/i:y2s7k4bz][/b:y2s7k4bz]

[b:y2s7k4bz]Story 03: [i:y2s7k4bz]The Woman That Gets Hit[/i:y2s7k4bz][/b:y2s7k4bz]

[b:y2s7k4bz]Story 04: [i:y2s7k4bz]The Woman That Won’t Marry[/i:y2s7k4bz][/b:y2s7k4bz]

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i have seen so far the first 2 stories and they are really beautifull.touching…

I saw halfway through the first story. It is really fun to see tanaka acting this well. May continue the series later:)

thank you very much for this share. good thing this site was created~

very nice stories.they where touching.all was good except the third one which imo is average.thx for the uploads m8

Oh my! The episodes are so beautiful that I almost cried ç.ç…

And my beloved Endo-san was so so… waaaaaah O

I loved! Thanks for the videos!

i found more special videos probably new ones from 2008 but all of them are not subbed :(
Woman who deprives :

Woman with high pride :

Inquisitive woman :

I love these stories! They’re so touching, especially the first one :) I also like the last one, for all the banter.

I wish the other ones would get subbed or someone would post a synopsis. I can only really guess what’s going on and I’m sure that’s not very accurate! Haha

I never believed tha Tanaka was so good in acting.
That was a very strong performance in the 1t story.

wow, never though can see cocorico in some serious situation like this.
thanks a lot. the 1st episode was amazing.
LOL @ the 2nd episode… never though it would be end like that…

heh, this was kind of cool, thanks for the u/l ini.

A few issues i had though:

1st video: wasn’t that girl INSANE?! seriously? There are crazy girls(like in vid 3) and there are insane girls. I mean, keeping a record and plan of exactly how you want to change someone?! Pasting his head on pictures of clothes she wanted him to wear!? And that craziness made Tarou(tanaka) realize he was wrong all along?! lol!

2nd: that former classmate girl couldn’t recognize her even though she realized she had the same name?! come on, she had plastic surgery not a face transplant.

3rd: okay, so what’s the moral supposed to be? that two co-dependent people can live unhappily ever after? When he was missing her, he obviously forgot all the crazy crap she did when they were together. How did anything change? nothing happened after they broke up, they just got back together again for no reason lol!

In all seriousness, I did enjoy the first two though

Family Portrait.

For a comedian, the majority of Tanaka’s movies/shows/skit are drama.

Thank you iniquiti

Oh man…Endo made me laugh so hard.

Edit Does anyone have any fixes for the other links above? They’re all broken (the inquisitve woman…etc)

Does anyone have a DL mirror? :)

Do you have some links for it please ? ^^

I know its a old topic but i found these Drama’s very nice to watch.
Unfortunately i was not able to download these series deu to hd crash and i fogot about it so my question therefore is:
Does sombody has these Drama series for share?