Collating of Episodes

Hey Gaki-Menz,

Just a thought for the forum, someone had the presence of mind to collate all the eps for the Absolutely Tasty Series, (although they were not entirely pure with their intentions it would seem… but they tried none-the-less :clap: ). This I think was awesome as all the eps were there on 1 screen as opposed to going to all the individual threads.

While this approach is riddled with problems (links dying,… subbers not being given their due credit … etc) … it would be a great addition if we could have such a structure that could be sustained by the subbers themselves. Respectfully I understand that everyone wants their share of the glory when they unleash their subbed work onto the world (and people want to steal some of that glory as well), but is it possible that the subbers would communicate with the admins to get some sort of similar structure on the forum.
If not that, then merely a new thread added to each sub category of the Gaki Material. When a new sub comes out,… the subber adds it to his/her individual thread, and also the new "collated thread". We could have some sort of "standard" for how to post such info.

eg. In the collated thread,
Only posting of subbed links in a certain format.
URL – Subber – (part no) *optional – GNT Direct Thread link

Also a few rules … which may require a bit of moderation as people may not obey them…
things like no adding of excess replies thanking the subber on that thread (just use the thank button :) ) , if you wanna do that click the GNT direct thread and shower your thanks to the subber there :)

Just a thought, [size=150:353me1dt]use it[/size:353me1dt], [size=50:353me1dt] dont use it [/size:353me1dt]… :rofl: that said, it would require alot of work on the outset, but would make for an awesome way to get to info.


From what I’m understanding as I fail to analyze your request fully due to semi-passive agressive inquiry of practically changing an entirely big issue here, is that you want only certain people to post while all the thousands of other members are denied to post anything but a thank you?

I know exactly what format you’re talking about and I’m a member of enough forums that have that type of layout, but this is a ‘fan page’ and therefore ‘fans’ have the right to post whatever they want. I think the categorization is satisfying enough for people to understand, otherwise they’re idiots. This forum is an interactive forum which gives other people a go to post anything they want in this forum, people – if I might add – who are aware enough to know whether it is their sub work or not.

If things get messy, that’s what all of us mods are here for; to clean up trash.

Are you saying you want an entire series in one page? If you want to do it, I’m not stopping you. Go ahead, be my guest. But like I’m implying, not everyone reads the rules and be aware of what proper actions to take.

Trust me, if a person is posting other people’s work with no credit, there will be other fans who’ll notice. As for the subber group, this forum already has a subber group. However, due to real life, not much interaction has been done at the moment but anyone who is willing to sub something has been welcomed to inform us and post it. Otherwise, changing the outlook of certain areas will be sporadic.

If this answer doesn’t help you, then this request needs to go to viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1407.

Apologies for not posting this via the correct means, like you say, people are not reading the rules.

As for what i meant, perhaps I should have been more specific when I put it out there, I dont want people to be denied the right to give their thanks, the only reason that I suggest that is that it would make life easier for the mods in terms of keeping that thread tidy.

That said, your points are very important and in retrospect I should have considered all sides of the story.

Thanks for shedding light on this. 8)

In my opinion everything is fine as it is. But thanks for your suggestion. BTW this is the video request area, we have a thread for suggestions like this:


This request has been filled.