Combining colorful strings *. ass with the film


Looking for a program where I could merge the color subtitles with the film.
Subtitles in *. ass

I use virtualdub… although I think you have to download some kind of file in order to put ass files on a video. You should be able to find it by searching after it on google.

But it does not work.

I want to paste subtitles such as here, a lot of colors.
Inscriptions on the left, right at the top, etc.

And Virtualdub only subtitles inserts at the bottom and the only white

Have you downloaded the file I was talking about?
I did it like a year ago, so I can’t really remember it all, but I’m pretty sure you have to download a file and put it into your virtualdub file.

Virtualdub can’t work with an ass file if you haven’t done that…

I have the plug-ins, but do not do this dish.

It is perhaps some tutorial somewhere for this?

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I mean such inscriptions, but, even so was the color

If you already have the plug-ins, then I don’t really know what’s wrong.

To open the subs in virtualdub you go into “Video” then “Filters”, “Add” and then you choose “Textsub”, right?

Yes, but it is strange inscriptions converts.
All subtitles lose their coding. They are centered at the bottom and white. Instead of colors.

Seems like you’ve done everything right, so it’s got to be your computer…
But hopefully someone from this forum should be able to help you out :)

Yesterday I sat up all night and found the cause.

VirtualDub does not support *. ass enough to subtitles look like I want to

I want to do hardsub


A do this with MeGUI and its work ;)

Thanks for your time.