Compilation of very old Gaki no Tsukai videos *YouTube only*

Good morning everyone, The purpose of writing this new topic is to give my friends who didn’t have the chance to see a special and old Hamada and Matsumoto videos yet, I am sure you will enjoy it even without Subs.

[url=]Compilation of Old Downtown 1-100[/url:h00cpaei]

[color=royalblue:h00cpaei]More in sanpei3e22 Channel[/color:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto as an English Teacher[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto as an English Teacher 2[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada and Matsumoto, Old[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada and Matsumoto, Way of the Samurai[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Sadistic Hamada[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto as Thief[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto and the Flying Xavier![/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto’s Mouthful Oranges[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto as a Nerd[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto in Grave[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada Batsu game: Cement![/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto the Artist[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto Face Make up[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada High School[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada AHO AHO MAN![/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Yamazaki fighting Jimmy Onishi[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada and Matsumoto driving Ferrari[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada littering in Train[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto as a Demon[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto giving Birth[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto giving Birth 2[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada “Do Re Mi” Recital[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Hamada “Do Re Mi” Recital Remix[/url:h00cpaei]

[url=]Matsumoto’s Hospitable Inn[/url:h00cpaei]

some of these videos are posted with subtitles here in the forum