Complete Batsu Games from 2000 - 2009 and additional video

I would really like the Mod to create a thread in the Batsu Games location as i am going to post the whole batsu games together with the sub.
Additional to it will be Hamada - Ura batsu. Matsumoto - Pie Hell. :clap:

We appreciate any incoming Efforts toward the Gaki no Tsukai Community.

Thanks :)

uploaded about 60% of total file into MU but in the size of lower than 100mb because it is faster that way. I will also provide JDownloader setup which is the best app to download from host server :D

threads of these files already exist.


I’m going to assume joker is talking about this torrent. I uploaded it two days ago. Still doing initial seeding.

That’s great! Thanks Cactusb!! :clap: :clap:

I’m uploading that to my fileserver :>

that means i cannot post these ? :pinch:

You can post your links in the threads here: [url:8pi6ih0r][/url:8pi6ih0r]

ty Erhan :clap: