Just me asking because it’s happened to me before and it scares me, but is their the chance that the downloads are copyright protected or something and comcast will send an email or so that I’ve illegally downloaded something? It scares me to death so an answer is much appreciated.

Don’t worry it’s happened to me before also.

Since it’s licensed in Japan I doubt they will take any actions but if your that nervous about it I would get software like peer-guardian

It blocks the IP of your computer.

Oh okay thanks. :) I’ll try it when I have the time, but how exactly does it work?

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Oh okay thanks. :) I’ll try it when I have the time, but how exactly does it work?

well thats my question to, i mean the copyright is still there
i’d like to know if its possible to ask the "copyright holder" if its legal to download gaki no tsukai content as long as it is for your personal use?

As far as I know Gaki no Tsukai is licensed in Japan (and maybe in some other Southern-East Asian countries). Since you’re downloading from the Western world I think there’s no risk for you.

Added to the fact that if you use a direct download link (Megaupload for instance), you can’t be caught for this matter. In France for example, since I know the French experience better, the copyright law can’t punish you if you get your "illegal material" from any non-p2p way.

When you download directly http or ftp server you’re not responsible for the content. The server host such as Megaupload and etc will be informed instead, which results in them deleting the file. On the contrary, P2P matters for both parties.

well here in germany no matter what download method -> its illegal, so why can’t nippontv allow it for us foreigners? Y_Y

i got caught for this kind of shit ,so as you may can understand, iam a bit paranoid about this. Is there any other legal way to watch gaki no tsukai with subs?

Well, I am German too. But since you got caught, I surely understand a bit your concerns.
A Option for you would be Streams, cut in parts up along with hard subs. No government can & will punish you for watching a Stream, otherwise Youtube would be down too. Here goes the Rule: Owner of the website has to delete the reported Content. In most cases, it has to be done even by the actually copyright/license holder before it will be removed (this concept includes Pictures too, basic but there also few more things to that matter). The same goes for, which has been already mention, sites such as Megaupload, Rapidshare etc. They are obligated to take care, that such content wont be available for Download and not you. It’s not even your "duty" to report it,if we lets say you downloaded it & (not) knowing what it is but found later out that it may copyrighted Content. Different is being a uploader, since you agree to the terms of use of those websites to not upload anything regarding that matter, except you are the actually holder of the rights. I haven’t seen or heard yet, that youtube or any other site, has suited a uploader. It ends always with removed files,videos until the certain Account is banned. Keep in mind, those sites are making with the exact same content for themselves money, if they would be clean, they wouldn’t be online anymore now. Because the majority using the sites for that purpose. Safe and no risk

You could buy legal the DVD’s and would need also, since you live in Europe and DVD are not region free, a dvd player too from their region. Or you use the pc, adding the subs and reburn for private use ;-)

P2P such as torrent, there is surely a risk to get caught. Since you exchange directly files with a person, that’s kinda like selling but for free, which is actually content for what you would have to pay. Copyrights effects worldwide, doesn’t matter where the product homeland is. Goes also for downloading via DDL (Megaupload) burn it and sell/share it with friends etc.

Now to the question how much you have to be actually be worried enjoying GnT. I have been watching that show since 99/00 probably, I am not only just a someone who enjoys it but as my Sig show’s a Uploader (for a while Inactive but still) Sure some may be get in trouble sooner or later other won’t. But I don’t think that will happen anytime soon or in the future. Maybe when they actually start selling them commercial here on our markets. But for now, just do it like everyone does.

The argumentation, that they are not selling it in USA/Europe market wont be excuse for you either as a side note. If they don’t want to do, they don’t want it. You have to respect that and if you use workarounds or actually don’t want to pay shipping fee’s etc. it will be your problem.

In the end its up to you, There is no such called guarantee & I can’t give anyone that but what I can do is, sharing my knowledge + experience.