Cosplay Bus Tour #4 (10.21.00)

Gaki no Tsukai Episode #531

Length: Approx. 24:00
Size: Approx. 230 MB
Video: 640x480 Xvid
Audio: 98Kbs Mpga (Japanese)
Subtitles: None.

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Veoh Link:


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(Seems like there’s a problem with the link’s appearance, but the link in itself is working fine)


what’s the song at 06:00?

[quote="Wirriam":31fsvaz3]what’s the song at 06:00?[/quote:31fsvaz3]
サボテンの花 (Saboten no Hana ) by TULIP :)

Edit: Never mind! : )

sub please…

Has this been subbed somewhere? Tried to search the forum and on Google but could not find anything to it

It needs a reupload to somewhere. Can someone get it to veoh again, or rapidshare. Pweaaase ;(

Here you go guys :)
RAW (unsubed ) Version



Found this on Youtube in 2 parts (embedding has been disabled by the uploader so here’s the links).

Out of sheer bloody mindedness I’ve started to sub this episode.

It’s my first sub, but because there’s some Italian in this it’ll be easier for me translate.

No idea how long it will take, but it’s going okay so far.

Awesome, beesan! Best of luck with it!

Lol its been a whole year and I cant find the subbed video.