Covers for Plex, Kodi, Emby...

For long time I had my videos of the batsu games just in a folder and today I decided to include them in Emby. I noticed that there is no posters/covers for each episode, so what I did was put every episode in one season with the year of the episode as the season and created with photoshop a cover for each one of them.

Here is an example of what I did based on creations of other users:
[url:3pyfnk9u][/url:3pyfnk9u] Poster for the show
[url:3pyfnk9u][/url:3pyfnk9u] Poster for the 24 Hours tag
[url:3pyfnk9u][/url:3pyfnk9u] Poster for Police Station

The first poster had the subtitle "Batsu games" and I used "No-Laughing" from 2003 until now.
Also I put the name of the cast on top, and from 2013 until now I replaced Yamasaki as Hosei.

You can download all of the from this link [url:3pyfnk9u][/url:3pyfnk9u]

I included the psd to use with photoshop in case you want eliminate the names, let the name of Yamasaki in everyone or just to modify whatever you want as you wish.

Also if anyone knows a better place to put them or want to upload them to thetvdb or similar is free to to it.