Curry (Complete Sub file with "Talk" available)

Hi all.
Enjoy another episode of "Kiki" series.
Sub file is under "FAQ+Sub Files" on my blogpage: ... ently.html ... curry.html


or ... -curry_fun

Thanks and enjoy.

Thanks Shibata! You are amazing!! :]


Thanks Shibata! I love the Kiki Series. Keep up the good work.

I approve of shibatabread’s choice of kiki episodes. ---->

Thnx for listening to our request! Your the best Shibatabread! :bow:

thx shibata ^^

Again, thank you Shibata ;)

Thank you Shibata!!! Great as always!

amazing! Thanks!

Thank You!

I have to admit, I’m waiting for that guy that slaps Yamasaki on the Batsu games to show up on one of these shows when Yamasaki chooses the wrong item…

Please see here for the compete Kiki Curry series sub file. ... ently.html

Thank you all,


Sweet! :) Thanks Shibata!

May I ask what your source video was shibatabread? The 152mb Avi? If not (but a better one), could you please make that raw available or point us to where you got it from?

I’m pretty sure I got the footage from "Kiki series" thread on this site.

Thanks a lot for subbing my favorite sirie’s shibatabread ^^

Any chance you’re gonna sub the other tournament tasting series? 8)


[b:d0xkv9qu]Download from color=#d11e00:d0xkv9qu[/color:d0xkv9qu] :[/b:d0xkv9qu]

Kiki Series 4 - Curry.rar (150.8 MB)!mdJGHaDY!G8BwjTmsY ... bvJOZC1gHI

[color=#d11e00:d0xkv9qu][b:d0xkv9qu]Complete Kiki Series :[/b:d0xkv9qu][/color:d0xkv9qu] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5210