Custom DVD covers

Here are the custom DVD covers I have created for Gaki no Tsukai Batsu games.





More coming later today.

are there any non batsu games that you would like DVD covers for?

thank you for your hard work.

Will these become real DVD’s soon?^^
i’d so buy them<3

They look great!

I wish they’d realize there was an international market for GnT; it’d be awesome if they started to do official releases of it.

Good photoshop work! Nothing more than expected from a sign maker xD

Thanks :-D I’m glad ya guys like em.

They’re beautiful! It really suits well with GnT.

These are excellent! Heck, the quality of your work is so great, that those could be used as dvd-covers for the real genuine dvd’s if some company ever bought rights to sell them in USA or europe. Keep up the good work. :tongue:

I love how you put the picture of Hama-chan’s thighs. SEXY.

Very nice! I really like all of them. How about the Haunted hotel batsu :)


btw? How about a High School Batsu Cover?

Thankies :J

just got my pc back up and running. Ill make some more when I get a chance. Thanks again for all the compliments.

[color=indigo:13hya81g]I Love these! Great work! [/color:13hya81g]

awesome… sooo gooooood…
if it was put on ebay i would have bought it &&&& …got ripped off

So when can we expect some more of these? They look great on my DVD shelves!

:clap: Those are great! I love the pictures you chose! :flowers:
I really wish Gaki’d become more international…

These are fantastic dvd covers! I can’t wait for the other covers!!! :clap:

These are awesome! Thanks for making them.

yea these are definitely dope-sauce great job!