Daily Chatter

I spent the entire day working and came home exhausted with an aching feet (at least I still got paid ^^). It was hard to keep track of the holiday because I was so excited about the prolonging darkness outside. Ah, the coming autumn. I can’t wait for winter!

/gets ready for work tomorrow again

I cant say I am all that excited for winter… I don’t mind a little snow but I am not excited for the yucky weather, driving to work in snow, shoveling off the car and having to get up earlier.

I guess I would say the same if I’m a driver but, sadly, I don’t drive (refuse to get a license for a reason). The one thing I hate about winter is trying really hard to appreciate it when you’re on the road or sidewalk because it’s mostly ugly black snow and sloshed up ice. That’s probably most people’s annoyance.

I will admit that I would MUCH rather be cold than hot ANYDAY… If you are cold you can always put on more layers or snuggle up under the blankets. If you are hot a lot of times there is not much you can do about it.

And drinking a large cup of hot cocoa (or coffee) as many times a day (as possible).

ouuu. I coulda gone for a nice cup of hot cocoa this mornin. It was a lil chilly when I woke up.

It definitely is giving that positive sign of dreary, dark, winter coming soon :D

7:25am: Cold weather, going out to school

12:00pm: Hot as hell, eating my tosti and meatloaf

4:00pm: Biking home in this hellish weather

The rest of the evening was filled with useless gaming and going to my table tennis club


what up all I’m new, I started to resub the 24 Hour tag but I saw you did it Homeless :(

It’s allright I only got like halfway through, (I was using the youtube subs like you)

Glad to see you made this website, it rocks.

I think I am off to bed for the night… I just got Adrift in Tokyo and I think im going to watch it. If anyone is around tomorrow before I am feel free to make the Daily Chat thread.

Just spent the night playing ps3 after work even though I’m exhausted.

/goes to sleep as well =_=

Hello and good morning everyone! Is everyones work week going alright? Got any fun plans for the coming weekend?

I get another work day today but tomorrow I get to have a party at the new place I just moved into. Nothing too wild though.

awesome awesome. Get yer own place? Where are ya from?

Yup, an awesome apartment away from home and friends. I live in Vancouver.

Cool. First place? I’ve been living on my own with my 3 roommates for almost 5 years now. Besides being generally broke its nice.

It’s the 3rd time I’ve moved since this January. I’ve lived in basement suites previously and it was like living in a cave all over again (I grew up living in basement suites in my relatives houses). It feels great being in an apartment and – even though I’m already broke from rent – my new roommates aren’t as immature and loud than the one I used to have.

Wow what a coinsidence. I will also move into my own appartment the next weeks :)

I hope you have a great move! I know [i:c13j3r0i]I’m[/i:c13j3r0i] enjoying my new place and roommates so far :D

Welcome to the daily chat of the day! Do clowns give anyone else the creeps?