[attachment=1:270d31vj]jistuwa.jpg[/attachment:270d31vj]Just sharing some eps I have. There are eps on japanese netflix and on billibilli (chinese video site) which you can find by searching darake in english. For billibilli, for vids that are available in 1080, you have to login to access it. All you need to register with billbilli is your cellphone number ( you don’t have to live in China).

I don’t care for quiz shows in general but this show is really interesting and at times hilarious. Sometimes the show is really sexual and perverted (ie NG nashi av joyuu or kanreki av danyuu = av male actor over the age of 60 ) but none of the episodes I have here are of that sort lol. Chiara JUnior is the MC. I’ll upload more eps later.

2019.01.16 - jitsuwa knuckles - magazine
2018.11.15 yamaguchi gumi - yakuza group
2018.11.01 - Detectives that go after stalkers
2017.06.15 season 11 - gokudou no tsuma = yakuza’s wife

[hide:270d31vj]2019.01.16 - jitsuwa knuckles - magazine

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2018.11.15 yamaguchi gumi - yakuza group

2018.11.01 - Detectives that go after stalkers

2017.06.15 season 11 - gokudou no tsuma = yakuza's wife

topics are gay writers, boat racing, tenga sex toy, and ero hon collectors.

[hide:1oia1m7l]2016.11.24 gay writers


2019.02 boat racing


2018.04.26 tenga = sex toy. ep features the ceo of tenga and geinins that love tenga


2018.04.12 erohon collectors = erotic book collectors


2018.03.29 prostitution


I remember stumbling upon one or two episodes of this show a long time ago and totally forgot the name…
Thanks a lot :inlove:

08.23.2018 net cafe refugees ネットカフェ難民 <-these peeps were definitely affected by the coronavirus

01.31.2019 time period drama actors  時代劇役者 
2.28.2019 dangerous animal hunters 危険生物ハンター 

Last episode of season 13: features koumoto, shouji, and ogata as special guests
darake sexy actress kakekomi ero special

darakes13-finale.zip (199 Bytes)