Darker Than Black?

Hey guys was just wondering if anyone watches Darker Than Black
really getting into it now, was just wondering if theres any more like me :)
fav character?

i LOVE Darker than Black. Specifically the first season. I’m not a fan of sequels much even though I’ve only seen 2 eps of the 2nd season.

The second season is just alright, and its shorter. But the first is amazing.

I especially love the whole ‘pay the price’ when they use their powers.

love the characters and the story, my fav character is the guy whose blood explodes after snapping his fingers. I dont think I have seen the second season tho.

yeah paying the price ads a really cool twist to it,
i just passed the episode with snapping expoldy blood man
loving it!

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Don’t bother with the second season.

There’s a great post about Darker Than Black on the Manga UK blog at the moment. Have you read it?


[quote="discoma":khxfjdy6]Don’t bother with the second season.[/quote:khxfjdy6]

This. I love the anime but I could not stand Suou for some odd reason and Kirihara still pissed me off.

Darker than Black is amazing because there isn’t enough neo-noir themed anime out there. Too bad second season happened. It’s like they took everything that made S1 so great and decided to troll the fans on purpose with complete opposite. I don’t even know what happened in S2, only thing I remember is UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ.