Different Section for subbed videos?

It’s a bit confusing in each of the sections (i.e. absolutely tasty, kiki, HEY!HEY!HEY!)
the threads have no indication of wether the video is subbed or not, and it would be easier than to click through every link to have a section only for subtitled files/videos

I know theres a subtitles section but that only has 2 sub files from the batsu games and nothing else

The subbed section is for external file subs only, not hard subbed videos. Maybe we can try to make sure (subbed) gets added to thread subjects.

Most threads will mention if they are subbed or not in the body of the post (if they do not, chances are there aren’t any)

But, I’ve gone back and edited most of my HEY!x3 posts and will try to continue to post sub info in the title.

Sorry that’s what I meant, it’s only mentioned in the body of the post, so when you’re seeing the threads you have no idea whether the video is subbed or not and it gets a bit confusing

Okay I will make a prefix like: [SUBBED]

Just be patient. I need to do it on every forum.

Nice, that sounds good Erhan. I was already a bit tired of looking through all the videos to search some subbed vids. I don’t like watching gaki without subs :D

10 points for The Boss.