Difficult to access this forum...

If the administrators are trying to remove me, I’d like to delete my account.

I think it’s just access problems. Sometimes the forum won’t open.
it also pops up - Could not connect to update server!
methecooldude can you check what’s going on?
Somebody enable “post awaiting approval”, It’s probably against bots.

Have you set it so that it cannot be accessed from Japan?
It can only be accessed via a foreign country.

Err, yea… trying to prevent NTV from looking at things. I’ll unblock it now and look at doing things another way

Gomen Nasai!


I confirmed that it has been resolved.
However, “Could not connect to update server!” appears every time I open the page.

thank you.

Yes, you can ignore that, it’s from the theme, no worries :slight_smile: