Directory of famous Characters #1032 (2010.11.28)

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[b:26w1y3eo]SD Version[/b:26w1y3eo] ... 16X5XqcxBy


[b:26w1y3eo]SD Version[/b:26w1y3eo]
Part 1 100mb
Part 2 100mb
Part 3 80mb
[color=#0000BF:26w1y3eo](Note: you will have to Download all 3 parts to gain the Full Video and have them placed at the same place/folder, before you can extract them)[/color:26w1y3eo]

Full Video 280mb

[code:26w1y3eo]PW for rar: gakinotsukai[/code:26w1y3eo]


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[color=#4000FF:26w1y3eo]If you are a Subber and made for this episode a sub (Hard or Soft) please get in touch with me and i will add it. Also of course the credits are going to you =)[/color:26w1y3eo]

wtf? is that a history of batsu game episode?

No. Its more like Directory/History of famous characters
But yes! There are some stuff from highschool or other batsu games.

Quite fun =) I love shinOnii :rofl: