Discourse Feedback

Please give feedback here about Discourse, the new forum software


  • Yes, the theme is the default, I’ll change it up soon
  • Mods from PHPBB should have received the same role here, if not, let me know

Thank you for this! I just found out about the migration today and haven’t been here for a long while that I already forgot my password and couldn’t find which email I used here :sweat_smile:

I just make a new account and will go from here.

Is it possible to edit your own posts? Can’t find it.

Edit: It’s possible here. But not in my older posts. Why?

That is a good question, did you login to your existing account or is this a new one?

My existing. I tried to change my “Episode #1685 (2023.12.24) 11th Rendezvous Game (Part 2)” post but i can’t. The pen icon is missing.

I will have a look for you

Found it, there was a setting that only allows edits for a set amount of time, I’ve turned this off now, does the edit button now appear?

Yes, i can edit it now. Thank you.

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Another problem, i can’t upload .zip files. I am getting the message “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorised (authorised extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp, avif).” Is this intended?

I’ve added zip to the authorised extensions, give it a try now

Yes, it works. Thanks again.

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