Do you know this?

Is it Hamada-san in the middle or is it just my imagination?


& BTW. Does anyone know about this show? Is it also part of Downtown? or something else?

Thanks a lot!

yeah, that was hamada.
and no, i don’t think that this show is part of downtown. i guess because matsumoto isn’t there. downtown = matsumoto + hamada
it’s like ‘japan got talent’ or something along the lines for new comedians…

It obviously does look like Hamada; face, hair, and voice. I don’t know anyone else who’ll missed it. Each person from a duo often ‘hosts’/‘judges’ a variety of shows different from the other partner, kind of like a solo. They don’t always do every thing together.

that’s from a show called “Hamachan Ga”. He hosts it solo with different guests and different corners or “kikaku”.

in that corner, him and Tsuchida and gravure idol akiina are judging up and coming yoshimoto genin who are putting on a talent show.