Doctor Konyaga Yamada

LOL this is so funny


He is one guy of many words! I love him :inlove:

i saw itao first laugh :clap: :clap:

You know, I dont think he’s a licensed doctor. Just a hunch.

LOL - very funny.

Was this the first appearance of Konyaga Yamada? Till now I thought the gig in Matsumoto’s haunted house was the first one!

Was the woman one of Itao’s “wife”?

does anyone have more videos of this guy, hes HILARIOUS.

What ? Nobody mentioned how cute Yamasaki looks with that wig and freckles ? :D

he looks like chuckie the doll that kills

konya ga yamada :D

[quote:28bfoi25][i:28bfoi25]Originally posted by jestman[/i:28bfoi25]
konya ga yamada :D[/quote:28bfoi25]

Honya ga yamada? I could pick up a few more paperbacks…

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I happened to find a working video of this scene :>