Doraemon TV series in English Dub (In 2014)

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Are you a fan of Doraemon? Do you really want to see Doraemon TV episodes in English? I think you are in right place to read this. Tofu-Panda Fansubs has made a decision to establish a partnership with an international fansub team. This team had successful background with translating Doraemon for many months. Amazingly, this team translated the episodes from 2005 to present.

I know some Western audiences never heard of Doraemon and some already knew about it. Unfortunately, those videos are in Vietnamese dub, but this team told me that it had files so we can translate them into English. It is a good news for us and I believe it is good time to bring new Japanese cartoon to Westerners. Although it has inappropriate contents but hey, we can watch whatever we want, right? :talk:

It is a big good news for our team and Western audiences. An international fansub team agreed to share its’ works with us. :rock: We don’t know when it will send huge amount of files to us. It needs to take time to compress everything so it can send them to us. It needs a time to consider about this deal. It also take a time to negotiate with this team. The reason why I wanted to tell you is because I just want to let you know that we will make English dub Doraemon episodes in future. They will be in our Dailymotion, Youtube, and this forum. :nod:

Again, we thank this fansub team to cooperate and work together to bring Japanese entertainment to everyone. It is a huge contribution to us. I hope we will start to work on Doraemon videos after we got files from a fansub team. We cannot give a guarantee if we will finish whole videos on time. I would assume that we will post the Doraemon videos on 2014.

Welcome, Doraemon!

Thank you! :bow: :bow: :bow: