Downtown DX 2011.09.08 Boy's Love reveal

Something I found, that’s pretty interesting.

I have not seen this posted anywhere, except on Japanese blogs and news sites.

Yoshiki Risa was one of the guests on the show. I don’t understand most of the details as my japanese is still at beginner’s level.

I can at least tell she breaks one the the unspoken rules of RP(real person) Yaoi/Slash. DownTown has been together forever, it’s not surprising that people will ship them together. (All the comedian duos are probably shipped)

Nevertheless you should never tell the person there is fanfic or doujinshi about them. If they find out on their own is fine, as that can’t be helped, but never tell them, especially on TV.

She proceeded to tell a story (paraphrasing) about Matsumoto secretly being in love with Hamada for years, and a woman actor coming on to the DX show and coming on to Hamada. Matsumoto gets jealous and confesses his feeling for Hamada and kisses him.

After the broadcast was seen, Yoshiki received a lot of hate on twitter from angry Fujoshi(yaoi fangirls). She apologized the next day on her blog.

Here’s the link: Her story starts at 38:50

What do you guys think of this. I for one couldn’t help but cringe as I watched Matsumoto’s and Hamada’s expressions.