Downtown Feeling Huge Cooking

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Description: Downtown and guest try to cook food that is much larger than it’s normal size.

[size=134:1kwjn1mu][b:1kwjn1mu]First Challenge:[/b:1kwjn1mu] [url=]Huge Rolled Sushi[/url:1kwjn1mu][/size:1kwjn1mu]

[size=134:1kwjn1mu][b:1kwjn1mu]Second Challenge:[/b:1kwjn1mu] [url=]Huge Pudding[/url:1kwjn1mu]

[b:1kwjn1mu]Third Challenge:[/b:1kwjn1mu] [url=]Huge Somen[/url:1kwjn1mu] (thin noodle)

Downloads coming soon.