Downtown Nari '93 - Local Kanto Region Broadcasts

Not sure if "Nari" is the right word, thats just what Google suggests, here’s the Japanese: 『ダウンタウン也』(ダウンタウンなり)
This was a series of local Kanto region late night broadcasts (27 episodes - 60 minutes each) which Downtown & other regulars did in October 1993 where they did some talks and took calls from viewers. You can tell this is very early in their careers since Yamasaki is still in the comedy duo "Team-0". It’s mostly talking so lost without translation but still some moments here and there (like the start of #14 where they’re laughing at Yamasaki having hurt himself whilst cueing them in). Plus it is interesting for posterity of course.

Japanese Wikipedia Google translate:

In what could be called the original downtown Kanto version was broadcast in the MBS (MBS), was organized around a telephone consultation from the viewer. Phone number for the public offering has been displayed during the program.[/quote:1jo0veaq]


[size=120:1jo0veaq]You can find #10 to #21 all on this Pandora channel:[/size:1jo0veaq]

Thanks for the heads up, it looks interesting. Another reason to finally learn Japanese I guess :D