Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji - Complete Music Works

(Since this isn’t really a video per-say, if it doesn’t belong in this part of the forum, please feel free to move it)

[url=]Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji - Complete Music Works[/url:35i9azwn]

Another thing I found while browsing Nico Nico Douga.

This is a music cd that contains all the works (or at least, thats the description it said when I found it) done by Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji. Most of them involve Eccentric Shonen Boy songs, but there’s also some non-eccentric shonen boy songs as well, such as Ojapamen and Mauyakeso (hence it’s own article).

28:28 - 48:00 seems to mostly be the crew goofing off (so far as I can tell), so if you don’t know japanese it may be boring. The last song (48:00-52:45) seems to be a slow rendition of eccentric shonen boy. This last song combined with Itao Itsuji’s character theme song makes this a pretty good music cd.

BTW, here is the concert version of Ojapamen (seems to be a parody of an old korean song), pretty funny!


Great find! Downloading right now:p