downtownlaugh.blog76 closed down?

Well one more site is gone, :( I used to go to [url:2dw21lnj][/url:2dw21lnj] for watching a number of Japanese shows. But it looks like its closed down. Does anyone know of a similar site? cheers. ;)

Hm it says it requires a password? Wonder if it’s a temporary thing or if they decided to set it private to reduce copyright takedowns and have posted the password somewhere else…

Anyway when looking for uploads of shows Housei has been on these are my usual haunts:

Some others that I don’t use as much:

Yeah, I used this site as a source for many shows, and was sad to see it was passworded, since me and my girlfriend watch moya moya summers on there every week. I hope it is temporary or they decide to post the password where it is accessible for us.