Drawing Contest

OMG - all soooo young - lol

[url=http://www.megavideo.com/?v=4L4DPTQ5:2ecvy6bg]Drawing Contest on Megavideo[/url:2ecvy6bg]

Awesome job Alfred!!! I absolutely love the drawing episodes. Matsumoto and Heipo look so different. I think they actually look better now.

Hehe nice 1. Hamada is the best :D :D :D

HAHA they all drawed Hamada with FAT LIPS xD

And I love Hamada’s Mickey :D

Someone should download this and upload it, to keep it safe from copyright infringement :)

This is hilarious! :D

[url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DQZISU49:2l77j1xh]I’ve uploaded it to MegaUpload, if anybody wants to download it.[/url:2l77j1xh]

Thanks :D

if its not too bothersome, does anyone still have this to re-upload? the MU link seems to have expired