Eccentric Shonen Boy

I seriously love this song, because of its stupid lyrics and how it sounds like an actual theme song of a sentai show. Sadly I can’t seem to find its music video on youtube. :(

Dammn, this sucks. I have posted the video on another forum, but it has been deteted from youtube. I hope it will rise again some day:D

I don’t know if this helps, but the first scene in this video is Eccentric Shonen Boy.


[veoh]v17396760BJjetAJ6 [/veoh]

Awesome:D Too bad it hasn’t got subs, that way you can see how dumb the intro actually is xD

Also, the last part of DVD 5 has the crew doing a live concert of Eccentric Shonen Boy. Its pretty cool.

Here’s the song in Youtube, unfortunatly no subs as well.



I don’t have an idea what this means, its a weird show act (maybe because i dont understand the lyrics). But you can see hamada (as eccentric shonen boy) and matsumoto in short “pop ups”

edit: ok - here is the song with all members, it looks like an encore (is this the right word? - “one more song”) at a live-show with large audience, maybe the same show as of the first link i posted:


It’s still the stupidest intro of an serie I’ve ever seen…

I can make sub’s for this if you want it. Just tell me if you found it, or need it still… :)

[Experienced Subber} :P

If you are a really experienced in subbing than you could sub some of the bigger batsu’s for more result. There are still many great gaki episodes and sketches that have to be subbed.

It is your choice what you want to sub and you have to keep it fun. But if you really want to get something going, take a look in the request section:)

Thanks for helping out.

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Found a new link!