Edit: Problems with Burning a DVD

I can watch the videos on VLC no problem. I even hardsubbed the video(I’m doing the Hospital Batsu game). It plays as hard subbed on VLC, but I can open it up with anything to see if the subs are there. I downloaded this thing to convert the AVI or MKV file to a WMV or MP4 or something so my computer can recognize it and burn it.

I converted the .mkv file to a WMV, and I thought it would be fine. And when I go check it, the subtitles weren’t there. Even though they were there when I put it on the VLC player, the video by itself. It was in it’s own folder with no .ass files anywhere. It plays fine with VLC, but anytime I try and convert into something else, I lose the subtitles.

I am really getting frustrated with this. I am so close and then something happens. If anyone could help me out with converting or anything, it would be great. I seem to be doing something wrong apparently.

I don’t seem to be getting this. I would love to have these things on a DVD.