Eh, i need help with HD files

I need your help guys :(

Basically, i’ve torrented the Hotel man Files and can easily download them, and since i dont know japanese, i also downloaded the sub files of which only work for the DVD version of the video, the problem is that my laptop isnt good enough to play the files, i thought i’d burn the files as sub files onto a disc so it wouldnt lag (audio and video are 5 seconds off or freezes/ generally lags) but after 40 odd hours of creating a hardsubbed file cause its so large (pt 1), i find that the audio is even more off and the sound kinda skits, i realise my laptop isnt good enough to play it, but i want to watch it on my tv seeing as its a dvd? Is there a way i can play the files without them lagging on my laptop? i wouldnt mind if the quality got a little worse, please guys, would be helping me out alot :sweat:

specs? any codecs installed?

Ermmm, i have FFWSHOW or something like that, what other codecs are there? could you give me examples?

Before anyone can help you really. We need to know first what sort of hardware ur Laptop/Notebook even has.

Codecs as example do u have CCCP installed or K-Lite
What sort of player you use?

Maybe convert the videos to a smaller resolution, then hardsub them? I suggest using Format Factory to convert it.

Thank you, i will try that!