Electric Shocks: Confrontation for the High School Batsu

Info: the confrontation for the High School Batsu Game.

[size=134:1kg3wnvs][b:1kg3wnvs][url=http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video.ptv?ch_userid=generalkor&prgid=33134903&categid=31371436&page=40:1kg3wnvs]Watch Here[/url:1kg3wnvs][/b:1kg3wnvs][/size:1kg3wnvs]


this one is also dead :(

No, it’s alive!

Can you get another link?

This video is not working. :(

We’re working on that at the moment but the video is working though not properly. It’s most likely your browser or due to how many are watching the video.


Here’s the episode in MU.