Endo & Tanaka's Million Kazoku game show


I recently watched this as it was just released/shown on 10/06/09 (I believe the original series ran from 07/07 to 12/08 ). So i was surprised to see another episode and a Special one at that. The SP ones which run have tons of guest celebrities and this one has a BATSU game yay !!.

If you never seen this before, It is described as a game show which has special guest celebrities who come to your home to play hide and seek with you and your family for 30 minutes. If a family member can stay hidden the full duration, your family wins 1,000,000 Yen (approx US$10,000).

Anyways, since this episode is new, I wanted to upload it for people to watch and hopefully someone could sub it also. I uploaded it to Megaupload.

Sorry if this is not in the right place, but since Endo and Tanaka is in it I wanted to share :) and I hope it could get subbed, so I put it in here.

[url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IOGQ1F0N:3kudigfz]Million Kazoku Special Oct. 06, 2009 Link[/url:3kudigfz]

If someone wants to redirect this thread somewhere else so others on this site could find it its cool with me.


H!F and SMF subbed this in HD, so the file is huge. The torrent is hosted on Hello!Online tracker. You need to register to download the torrent.

H.264 ver. (2.51 GB)

Xvid ver. (4.28 GB)

Is it alright to link to torrents? Just wanted to let people know it’s subbed. Given the size, I doubt anyone will upload to file-sharing services like Mediafire or Megaupload.

There’s no problem with giving the torrent links.

Damm i felt so sorry for them. I mean the people who were hiding. I couldny stay in 1 place for 2 hours and do nothing.

so the only subbed versions available are 2.5 and 4 gigs!!! Anyone have it already want to do us all a favor and re-encode it to a smaller size?

weird how the xvid encode is massively larger then the h.264

I want to download or watch it online with subitlies but those link doesnt show up a file to download :( I wanna watch it so badly! :pinch: can u fix it or send me a something, let me ya know :)

oh 4grandma! i soooo love your avatar and your sig… :inlove:

if anyone has these files can they please upload somewhere? theyre being seeded very slow on H!O :(

[quote="venomqo":91on4mpv]if anyone has these files can they please upload somewhere? theyre being seeded very slow on H!O :([/quote:91on4mpv]

I see that there is only 4 seeders.I’ll seed for you if you still don’t have it my upload speed is pretty decent ;) 15/5 fios

thanks bro, finished, and am at a 1:1 ratio already, will be seeding for a while also :P

lol, this really was awesome:P

Does anyone know if other episodes are subbed out there aswell? I only seem to be able to finds raw videos:(

there are no seeders…i still can’t download it…:((

[quote="glamnhot16":1zjj44ct]there are no seeders…i still can’t download it…:(([/quote:1zjj44ct]

you should go to the seed request or to the seed chat in Hello!Online. Good luck

I uploaded it to MegaUpload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XYVHQOHX

the one of 4 gb doesnt have any seeds… so the only one available is the one of 2.5 gb … :(

Thanks, Qurao. Too bad that we non-premium members can’t download files over a gig in size, but it was kind of you all the same.

Well the game show is split into 5 parts that you can stream online. Its on a site called crazyontv.com, just search for cocorico and you should find it

[H!F + SMF] Million Kazoku SP (2009.10.06) (H264)


[url:33ypvtxi]http://www.mediafire.com/?db87305l71e9j41[/url:33ypvtxi] <~~ rename the file name from -subtitled- to -H264-

I seem to have errors during the last 10-15mins. The rest of the video runs perfect and smooth, but right down to crunch time, the movie just stops, although it says there is more time left (Around 1:20:00). Is there a part missing? (Downloaded from Mediafire links)